2017 CGDI Prog MB For Be-nz Car Key Add Fastest For Be-nz Key Programmer
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CGDI MB car key programmer

CGDI Prog MB For Be-nz Description:

1. Function:
Able to add keys on Mercedes for Be-nz and program a new key when all keys are lost.

Add new Mercedes for Be-nz keys: Data acquisition for 1 minute 50 seconds, pin code for 40 seconds and 99% succ
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1.Support smart key matching
2.Support for replacement of EIS computers
3.Support for reading and writing vehicle information
4.Support for car OBD diagnosis
5.Support adding key and all key lost for all series of  Mercedes-Benz cars (FBS3)
6.Support various kinds of ELV repairs
7.Supports refreshing and secondary reuse of various automotive computers (EIS, ELV, ECU, TCU, ISM/DSM/ESM)
8.Support for reading and writing and repairing various ZGW

CGDI Prog MB For Be-nz Description:

1.Support fastest for Benz Car key add: collection time 1'50s, password calculation time 40s, 99% get password for one time calculator, it is the fastest key programming tool to calculate the password at present.
2.Support MB all key lost: support models including 211,209,204,207,212,166,246,197,172,164 +, 216
3.CGDI Prog MB can calculate the password twice free each day. 

What is the token policy for CGDI Prog MB?

Plan A: Two free tokens each day valid for 180 days. When license gets expired, please pay to http://www.cg100procar.com/tokens-for-cgdi-prog-mb-benz-car-key-programmer-half-year-period_p0054.html
After you pay for it, can calculate online two times free each day again. You can calculate 60 times one month.

Plan B: One free token each day all the time. And it won't get expired anymore. If you want more tokens, one token will cost 4.6usd. Please pay for http://www.cg100procar.com/one-token-for-cgdi-prog-mb-benz-car-key-programmer_p0073.html
 You can calcualte 4 times at most each day. 
Besides if you havehttp://www.cg100procar.com/cgdi-bmw-auto-key-programmer_p0013.htmlor http://www.cg100procar.com/v3996-cg100-prog-iii-auto-computer-programmer-airbag-restore-devices-including-all-function-of-renesas-srs_p0019.html
pls pass us serial number to bundle them together, you can get one free token then.

How to activate CGDI Prog MB?

CGDI Prog MB needs activation when you receive it. Please follow the steps as below:
1. Download Benz Monster software from official website http://www.cgprogcar.com/?langid=en, there will be user manual too in the software catalogue
2. Install software on your laptop and read out serial number of your CGDI
3. Pass serial number to our customer service, when activation is done, please restart CGDI Prog Benz and the Benz Monster software, it will be ready to use.

1. Function: 
Able to add keys on Mercedes for Be-nz and program a new key when all keys are lost.
Add new Mercedes for Be-nz keys: Data acquisition for 1 minute 50 seconds, pin code for 40 seconds and 99% success.
Program a new key to the following models when all keys are lost: 211, 209,204, 207, 212, 166,246,197,172,164+, 216 etc.
2. Workable For Be-nz Car Model:
      For Be-nz A series (2004 -)
      For Be-nz B series (2005-)
      For Be-nz C Series (2001 - , including 210)
      For Be-nz E Series (2001-, including 203)
      For Be-nz CL series (2001-)
      For Be-nz G-LK (2004-)
      For Be-nz ML series (2003 -)
      For Be-nz R series  (2003 -)
      For Be-nz G series (2003 -)
      For Be-nz S Series (2001 -, including 220)
      For Be-nz SL-K  (2003- )
      For Be-nz SL-S (2004 -)
      For Be-nz Vi-to (2003-)
      For Be-nz Spr-inter (2003 -)
      For Be-nz Vi-to (2003 -)
3. EIS/EZS Function:
1). Can read EIS data via OBD, no need to distinguish the EIS/EZS model.
2). Can display the key status and directly disable the key position.
3). Can display EIS Number, can distinguish the for Be-nz model
4). Can display EIS status.
5). Automatically identify EIS model.
6). Automatically identify CAN protocol
4. Programming Key Features:
1). Automatically identify the basic key information (including how many times you used SSID)
2). Can directly read pin code of BE keys via infrared, can erase BE keys.
3). NEC adapter can write the original for Be-nz smart key and common key.
4). Can write the for Be-nz original key via infrared.
5). Can restore the data of key and EIS with the key password.
5. Generate the Key Data:
1) Can generate the key data of HC05/908/912/9S12/NEC EIS/EZS
2) Time: 26 seconds
3) Format: 11/ 41/51 (41 format is smart key data)
6. Infrared Key Function:
1) Can directly read key pin code via infrared on parts of 209/211/220/215 EIS.
2)Can read/write EIS via infrared.
CGDI MB Prog New Upgrade (2018-04-20)
1. Add ELV repair function, including: enable ELV, virgin ELV (repair damage ELV chip)
2. Add the function of BE key to save file directly
3. Add W205, W218,W166 FBS4 EIS type detection
4. Add save EIS data format flags.
5. Fixed the problem of part of the ECU,TCU,ISM/DSM/ESM cannot erase
6.Fixed the problem of computer data storage restriction
7.Fixed the problem of part of W209, W211 EIS cannot all-lost collection
8. Fixed the problem of the EIS file error caused the data can not upload calculation on EE

CGDI MB Prog Package List:
1pc x CGDI MB  Host Multiplexer
1pc x NEC Adapter
1pc x Simulator Key
1pc x OBD Connection Line
1pc x USB Cable

  • CGDI MB Software interface


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